Nectar Jewelry

About the Artist

     Nectar Jewelry by Rachel Vanatta is influenced by the re-occurring elements found in nature, from trees to coral, from mountains to sand; each comprised of smaller components, parts that Rachel tries to capture in her jewelry. Their varying textures, organic shapes, and colors paired with contrasting elements such as crystal and refined metals combine to mould her pieces.

“The goal I aim to communicate though my jewelry is that simple beauty surrounds us; that even the tiniest, seemingly insignificant creations hold an integral part to our planet. So much attention is paid to dishonesty and anger in society, and I feel if people are reminded of how breathtaking the simple things are, hope for a better, more loving world can be found. Whether it be a knobby twig, a reflection in a lake, or a mature dandelion, ready to release it’s seeds, there is a natural wonder. Many of us cannot consistently be present in surroundings that hold these virtues, but we can carry, or wear, a small reminder with us throughout the day to help us smile, one to decorate our own body; to feel connected to a greater whole.”

The bee is a perfect example of this magic in our world. It’s movement from one flower to another, collecting nectar, has represented throughout the ages the interconnections between all living things. Bees teach us to engage fully in our endeavors, work as a team, and are a symbol of accomplishing the impossible since, aerodynamically, their body is far too large for their wings to carry and should not be able to fly.


Nectar Jewelry is playful, hip, and narrative, as if there is more to be discovered behind each piece.  This limited-edition jewelry transcends every generation. The jewelry’s price point ranges from $24-$350, making the each piece affordable while maintaining quality. Ingredients such as rough-cut and polished semi-precious stones, crystal, ceramic, natural pearls, antique glass, silver and 14k gold construct each piece, which are all hand-cast and individually fabricated in Atlanta, Georgia.




Designer Rachel Vanatta attended Savannah College of Art and Design in beautiful Savannah, Georgia and graduated Cum Laude in 2003 with a bachelors of fine art in Metalwork and Jewelry Design. After dabbling and experimenting post-graduation with numerous metals, materials, and techniques, Rachel found her niche and formed her jewelry company, Nectar Jewelry, in 2005.



Originally from northern Ohio, she spent 10 years on Anna Maria Island, a quaint gulf coast in Florida, where she truly established her line by opening a retail store on the island’s small commercial beach area.  She now resides outside Atlanta, Ga with her husband, two daughters, and dog, all who aid in her inspiration.

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“Bee Unique”


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